Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)

See, I’m not just about boy bands.  I love 80’s music too.  Annie Lennox was a total badass back then, and still is today.

I’ve put off writing this post…probably because sleep is an area where I really struggle. So much to do…so little time!  But I’ve been working on it, and I’m seeing some improvement.

Love the VS Signature Stripe!

Sleep is essential if we want to feel happy, healthy and hot.  

It helps regulate our hormones, our appetites, and our cognitive function.  Getting enough sleep helps our immune system function the way it should.  Our bodies makes collagen, which keeps our skin firm and youthful, while we sleep.  Our eyes will look brighter and less puffy, and  sleep can even help with hair growth.

On the other hand, less than five hours of sleep (which I have definitely been guilty of) can lead to weight gain, depression, chronic diseases, and reduced sex drive.  Definitely not hot!

And just like food, quality of sleep matters too.

Here are some things I am doing to help the situation:

A good routine is so important.  For me, putting on cute PJ’s, brushing and flossing, and doing my skincare routine tell my body it’s time to sleep.  As far as the skin care goes, here’s a post on washing your face with coconut oil: The best way I have found to wash my face.  And if you want a completely natural, amazing line of skin care, try a sample kit from Annmarie Gianni…their aloe herb cleanser is amazing, and I am in love with the anti-aging serum and oil!

The blue light that comes from our various devices can really interfere with getting quality sleep.  The best thing would be to turn them all off at least an hour before bed.  Don’t know about you, but I’m a little too attached to my devices.  So I wear these crazy orange goggles when I’m on my laptop or iPad before bed.  Not pretty, I know, but I have truly found them to help.  And you can find them in my amazon store for around eight bucks.  I did a whole post on them months ago (before anyone actually read this blog!)  called  Why I’m wearing these goofy goggles  Oh, and there is an app called F.lux that will reduce the blue light emitted by your devices in the evening.  Unfortunately It is not compatible with apple products so I have not tried it.

orange goggles
Cute, right?

Something that I have been using for years right before bed is a product called Natural Calm.  It is a magnesium supplement that dissolves easily in water to make a fizzy, tasty drink that you can enjoy warm or cold.  I use the organic lemon-raspberry flavor, which is sweetened with stevia.  (Although it still has a very tart taste.)  Magnesium is a mineral that many people are deficient in, and it is said to promote sleep.  I have definitely found that to be the case.  As a bonus, magnesium can help with PMS symptoms.  Since Natural Calm is not that easy to find, I made sure to put it in my amazon store if you’d like to try it.  And if you do try it, my recommendation would be to start with much less than the suggested amount (maybe 1/2 teaspoon) and gradually work your way up.

Something that has been a real game changer for me has been finally getting in the habit of wearing a sleep mask.  (Thanks Jen!)  Any type of light can disrupt our sleep, and a sleep mask is such a simple fix.  Not only that, I think there is something about the routine of using it that tells your body it is time to sleep.

It goes without saying that you should be comfortable.  Make sure the room is not too hot or too cold.  It is better to err on the side of a little too cool.  Wear comfy PJ’s, or nothing, if that’s more comfortable.

So I’ve already shown you that sleep can help you feel healthy and hot…I’ve listed tons of health benefits, and sleep can specifically help the appearance of your skin and hair.  Oh, and the way it regulates your appetite hormones will help you maintain a hot body too!

But what about happy?  Because that is just as important as healthy and hot. Try to focus on the positive right before you go to sleep.  You might want to think about the best things that happened to you that day, or just make a mental list of things you are thankful for, big and small. (Great friends, beautiful sunrises, healthy food, cute manis…whatever you like.)  Maybe this sounds a little woo-woo, but try it and see.  When I go to bed happy I wake up happy!

I’d love to hear from you…leave a comment and let me know what you are doing to improve your sleep!




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