It’s in the bag

Sequins make me happy!

How cute is my carry on?  I’m such a sucker for the Victoria’s Secret giveaways.  I can’t tell you how many times I have convinced myself I needed two new bras just because the blanket/umbrella/tote bag they were giving away was so adorable!

But what’s really important is what I’m putting in the bag to help me feel happy, healthy and hot when I fly to Mexico in a few days.  Here’s a peek inside…

Of course, I can’t leave home without all my devices.

carryon devices


So my MacBook Air, iPad and iPhone will all be with me (I am a total apple girl.)  The laptop is there so I can blog from Mexico, and my iPad has some good reading material already downloaded.  And of course my phone…seriously, how did we ever survive before smart phones?  Oh, and my Beats…because you never know when you need to listen to some 1D or FloRida. Or even some health-related podcasts.

Next, more reading material.

Eat Fat, Get Thin

Mark Hyman is the director of the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine.  I have heard him interviewed several times and love his overall philosophy.  Like me, he believes healthy fats can keep us happy, healthy and hot.  (Well, he doesn’t use those exact words, he’s more focused on just the healthy part.)  I’m interested to read his latest book and will be sure to write a post about it. And if you want to get a headstart, and let me know what you think of it, it’s in my amazon store at an amazing price: Eat Fat, Get Thin

Now, on to snacks.  I’ll have a decent breakfast at the airport hotel…probably coffee with coconut milk, eggs, and some fruit.  I will pick up a half-caf Americano with coconut milk at Starbucks right before I board (it’s a tradition), as well as a huge bottle of water.  And I’ll have these raw pumpkin seeds with me.

carryon pumpkin seeds

Why pumpkin seeds?  They are a good source of protein and healthy fats, plus a wide range of vitamins and minerals.  Why raw?  Eating nuts raw preserves the healthy fats.  (Eating them soaked and sprouted is even better, but that’s a whole other post!)  I like pumpkin seeds, but they’re not my very favorite.  And that’s a good thing, because I won’t go crazy with them.

I’ll have my make-up bag (from VS also…I know I have a problem!)  God forbid my luggage would be lost and I wouldn’t have makeup.  I am going to be testing Urban Decay’s waterproof mascara, called Cannonball.  Even though the ingredients are not natural, it has a pretty safe rating by the Environmental Working Group.  I may or may not be doing cannonballs into the pool, but I get pretty involved with some of the goofy pool games, so I will give this mascara a workout.  I am also packing Annmarie Gianni’s facial sunscreen, called Sun Love, which I have been dying to try.

Oh, and last but not least, I’ll be packing a journal.  Because if you want to feel happy, healthy and hot, you need to start with happy.  For me, making a daily list of things I am thankful for goes a long way.

Thanks Patti for my new journal!!!

So there you have it…there’s a lot of crap thrown into my big sequined bag.  I’d love to know…what are your happy, healthy and hot travel tips?


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