I have this really cute personal trainer.

He motivates me to move my body every single day, even if I’m not feeling it.  He makes me got out in all kinds of weather, sometimes in the wee hours of the morning.  He’s my nine year old Bichon, KO.IMG_1578

I get on kicks with different workouts…sometimes it’s indoor rock-climbing, sometimes kettlebell, sometimes light weights with a bosu ball.  Right now I’m really into bouncing on my mini trampoline while blasting “Confident” by Demi Lovato, then cooling down to 1D (love boy bands!)  But the one thing that I do consistently, thanks to my cute personal trainer, is walk.  So what’s so great about walking?

Well, first of all, anyone can do it, and you don’t need anything special.  I don’t even wear athletic shoes.  In the winter I wear Uggs and in the summer a really comfortable pair of Reef Dreams flip flops.  I actually feel better with less supportive footwear.  Sometimes, if I can stay mostly on grass, I actually walk barefoot, which has some additional health benefits. But that’s just me.

Walking is what our bodies are biologically designed to do.  There are many health benefits associated with walking, including better immune function, improved triglyceride levels, and glycemic control.  And that’s all great, but I love it for other reasons.

When I walk KO early in the morning, before the sun it up, I find it almost meditative.  I look up at the stars, and think about all the things I have to be grateful for.  Sometimes when I walk later in the day, I might listen to a podcast, so I’m learning while I’m getting a workout.  Other times I might use the time to talk on the phone, so I’m getting to connect with a friend while I walk.  Sometimes I just use the time to think.  Walking really boosts my creativity.  I’ve gotten some great ideas for these posts while I’m walking.  And no matter how tired I may be, it always gives my energy a little boost.  There is definitely something to getting out in the fresh air, as opposed to logging the miles on a treadmill.

So if you have a dog, go grab the leash and head out for a walk.  If not, grab a friend, (or a friend’s dog!), or go solo and use the time to think.  Does walking make us happy, healthy and hot?  It certainly does!  Just getting out in the fresh air, knowing you are doing something good for your body makes you happy.  I’ve already listed a few of the many health benefits associated with walking.  And the fit, healthy, energized body that results from all this walking?  Very hot!


2 thoughts on “I have this really cute personal trainer.

  1. I am the biggest dog lover and am in love with this post! Do you call him K-O (like the letters?) What a cutie he is!!! And I agree, I get my best ideas when I am outside in nature, usually walking with my big boy, Bently.


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