happy anniversary…

happy anniversary

to happy, healthy and hot!

Two years ago today (November 2) I hit publish on my first blog post.

It was a recipe for matcha latte.  I think three people read it Continue reading


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annmarie promo eliz

I’m running a  special promo/giveaway with Annmarie Skincare during the month of October that is just for happy, healthy and hot followers.

If you’re not familiar with Annmarie Skincare, you should be!

Annmarie Skincare is one of my favorite lines, for their super clean ingredients (think wild crafted herbs) and effective formulas.  The fact that they smell like a high end spa doesn’t hurt either. Continue reading

We got the beet!

It’s no secret that I love beets.  I also love some good ’80s music now and then.  

Beets are amazing for you, and I enjoy the earthy, slightly sweet taste.

Last year, I published a post that described how I roast whole beets, then peel them.  There was also an ’80s musical reference of course. Here’s a link:

Beet it

But that whole process of roasting, then peeling, is a complete pain in the ass.  And a messy one, at that.

So I’m excited to tell you about my latest way to enjoy beets…

we got the beet

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