is the perfect summer adult beverage…..just like “Despacito” is the perfect summer song.  At least in my little world.  “Strip that down” by Liam Payne and Quavo is up there too. 

sangria eliz
Wanted to take this pic outside, but it was raining 😦

I love the concept of sangria…wine, fresh fruit and few other ingredients.  But whenever I order it out, it’s usually too sweet for my taste.  And most of the recipes I come across end up calling for lots of added sugar or even some soda to top it off.

Since I wanted to come up with a summer drink that was totally happy, healthy and hot, I decided to improvise.

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If you’re not sure about jumping on the blended coffee bandwagon…

grab some Omega Power Creamer.

omega power creamer eliz

Ever since I started happy, healthy and hot, I’ve been raving to you about the advantages of blending some healthy fats into your morning coffee.  

Omega Power Creamer simplifies this whole process.  It’s a shelf stable blend of organic grass fed ghee, MCT oil and extra virgin coconut oil.  The only other ingredient is sunflower lecithin…I’m assuming that is used to keep the product emulsified.

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vanilla + raspberry + collagen =

pretty much my favorite shake ever!

I am crazy for all berries, but especially raspberries.

And since they’re in season right now, I’ve been looking for ways to use them.  Besides just eating them straight out of the container, the second I rinse them off.

So here’s a simple shake recipe that I know you’ll love.  This could be breakfast or an afternoon pick me up.  Even dessert.  Your call.

Here’s what I used:

raspberry vanilla shake 2

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