Mustard glazed salmon and veggies…

tastes just as amazing as it sounds.

mustard salmon eliz

And it was one of those meals where I literally threw everything on a baking sheet, dumped a magical sauce on top, and threw it in the oven.

Boom.  Dinner is served.  And as a bonus, the ingredients support gorgeous, glowing skin and a hot body.

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In honor of Presidents Day…

I whipped up this cherry mocha shake.

cherry mocha shake

I cannot tell a lie…this was totally inspired by a treat I saw at Starbucks while I was charging my phone before heading to the airport.  There were signs everywhere for the Cherry Mocha Frappucino.

It sounded appealing, but I knew it would be loaded with sugar.  So I settled on an iced coffee with a splash of almond milk, and decide to make my own version of the Cherry Mocha Frappucino when I got home.

My happy, healthy and hot  cherry mocha shake is delicious and loaded with ingredients that support gorgeous skin and a hot body.  And it’s not a total sugar bomb either…the only sugar is from the naturally occurring sugar in the cherries!

Here’s what I used:

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matcha + vanilla + collagen =

matcha shake eliz

a skin loving shake that tastes delicious.

I’ve talked about matcha before…it has such amazing health benefits, but I don’t love the grassy flavor.

I’ve learned to enjoy it as a latte, and recently posted a recipe:  Magical Matcha

And since I’m always looking for ways to work more magic into my life, I came up with a matcha shake that is crazy good with only three ingredients.

Here’s what I used:

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This spicy Southwest chicken soup…

is a hit every time I make it.

It’s super quick to make and totally delicious.  And loaded with ingredients that are amazing for you.  Total win-win!

southwest soup eliz

I made some last week while listening to “Finesse” by Bruno Mars and Cardi B on repeat…crazy about that song.  Also loving the new one from Camilla Cabello…”Never Be the Same.”  And “Him & I” by Halsey and G-Eazy.  So much good music right now!

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Valentine’s Day treats…

are always fun.

valentine's day eliz

And it’s perfectly acceptable to treat yourself!

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite happy, healthy and hot Valentine’s Day treats.  What makes these extra special is that these are all from companies that I really love..

And in most cases, I have some type of personal connection.  Love doing business with companies that not just offer amazing products but are run by amazing people.  

I use and love products from every company on this list…that’s why I’m excited to share them with you.

Let’s start with the wine…
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Super Bowl Snacks

eliz super bowl

It’s no secret who I’m rooting for.  I’m not even really a football fan…just an Eagles fan.

This will be the first year since 2004 that I pay any attention to the game.  I’m usually just in it for the commercials and half time show.  And yes, totally looking forward to JT’s performance.

But no matter who you’re rooting for, you need to eat.  And you can totally have some fun snacks that are happy, healthy and hot approved.

Read on….

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