BLT egg salad…

is one of my go-to lunches on a hot day.

It’s quick to throw together, delicious, and loaded with healthy fat, quality protein and antioxidants for gorgeous skin and a fit body.

And you can pick up just about everything on your next Target run…even better!

blt egg salad eliz

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I’m not into heavy metal…

I like fun, upbeat music that I can dance to.  Right now I am obsessed with “Familiar” by Liam Payne and was totally dancing around the kitchen while throwing this smoothie together.

I’m also not into having heavy metal in my body.  And that’s why I’m drinking this smoothie.

cilantro pineapple eliz

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Skincare sample savings!

This post will be short and sweet.

I have an awesome deal for happy, healthy and hot followers.

Annmarie Skincare, one of my favorite companies for natural products that are super effective, is offering generous travel sizes of their popular duo Aloe Herb Cleanser and Anti Aging Serum for only $7,  Shipping is free.

annmarie sample eliz

I have used both of these products for years and am completely in love with them.  The Aloe Herb Cleanser is gentle and non drying, but leaves your skin feeling truly clean.  Anti Aging Serum is one of my all time faves.  It smells like a spa and absorbs quickly.  Love the way it makes my skin look and feel.

This duo is perfect for travel and is a $35 value.  Want to cut to the chase and order right away?  Here’s the link:

Annmarie $7 Travel Duo

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