Magical Matcha

matcha eliz

Matcha has so many benefits it almost seems magical.

Matcha is a finely powdered green tea.  It is traditionally whisked into hot water to make a tea.

Since you are consuming the entire leaf, rather than just steeping in hot water, matcha is much higher in antioxidants than traditional green tea (which is already a good source!)  In addition to caffeine, matcha contains L-theanine, and amino acid that promotes sustained energy and calm alertness.  Isn’t that what we all need?

But here’s my problem with matcha….I just don’t love the taste.  It’s a little too grassy for me.  I definitely cannot drink it straight.

So lately I’ve rediscovered matcha lattes.  Blending the matcha with a few other magical ingredients makes a hot drink (or you could ice it) that tastes amazing and supports gorgeous skin and a healthy body…total win-win!

Here’s what I use:

Matcha is of course the key player here.  I’ve already told you how wonderful it is.  There are many grades of matcha, and people that are real connoisseurs get really into trying different varieties and comparing them.  (Personally, I’d rather do that with red wine.)  I go with whatever matcha is on the shelf at Wegmans and call it a day.

Coconut oil is a staple in my kitchen.  Actually my house.  I use it in some of my cooking, blended drinks like this, and as a makeup remover.  I also rub it all over my body after I get out of the shower for the softest skin ever.  Coconut oil is high in medium chain fatty acids, which are easily converted to energy in the body and not readily stored as fat.  It also contains lauric acid which boosts the immune system.

Collagen peptides are as magical as matcha.  I have been using collagen peptides daily for several years now.  My skin is noticeably firmer, I rarely get sore after a workout, and I’ve even seen softening of some really old scars.  The benefits of collagen peptides are amazing and they’re so easy to use because they blend easily into any liquid, hot or cold.

I use Further Food Collagen Peptides…love their quality and value.  For an even better value, use my code HAPPYHEALTHYANDHOT for 10% off.  

Stevia or other natural sweetener is totally optional.  In general I prefer my drinks unsweetened, but I need a little something to take the edge off of the matcha taste.

Ok, so here’s what you do…this is too easy!

happy, healthy and hot matcha latte

8-10 ounces hot but not boiling water

one teaspoon matcha

one tablespoon coconut oil

one scoop collagen peptides

Dump everything in the blender.  Blend on high (please make sure lid is on tight…I’m speaking from experience here.)

Pour into a cute mug (unicorn optional) and enjoy.

matcha unicorn

So, can this magical matcha latte help you feel happy, healthy and hot?  You know it!

You’ll be happy enjoying a delicious warm beverage.  The ingredients are incredibly healthyThe combo of antioxidants, collagen protein and fat from the coconut support gorgeous skin, sustained energy and a fit body…so you’ll be very hot!


Further Food Collagen Peptides use my code HAPPYHEALTHYANDHOT for 10% off



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