Super Bowl Snacks

eliz super bowl

It’s no secret who I’m rooting for.  I’m not even really a football fan…just an Eagles fan.

This will be the first year since 2004 that I pay any attention to the game.  I’m usually just in it for the commercials and half time show.  And yes, totally looking forward to JT’s performance.

But no matter who you’re rooting for, you need to eat.  And you can totally have some fun snacks that are happy, healthy and hot approved.

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As versatile as a pair of pleather leggings!

I’m talking about chia pudding.  It’s so versatile…can be breakfast, lunch, snack, dessert…whatever you want.

leggings chia eliz

Pleather leggings are versatile too.  With the right pair, you pretty much wear them anywhere…put on cute sneakers and go work out, or slip into some badass booties and go out for a drink.  Or pretty much anything in between.

So here’s my latest chia pudding recipe…loaded with good stuff so you will look and feel amazing in your cute pleather leggings!

Oh, and this recipe will make everyone happy…it’s paleo, primal, keto, and even vegan.  Unless you’re just not into pudding!

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Magical Matcha

matcha eliz

Matcha has so many benefits it almost seems magical.

Matcha is a finely powdered green tea.  It is traditionally whisked into hot water to make a tea.

Since you are consuming the entire leaf, rather than just steeping in hot water, matcha is much higher in antioxidants than traditional green tea (which is already a good source!)  In addition to caffeine, matcha contains L-theanine, and amino acid that promotes sustained energy and calm alertness.  Isn’t that what we all need?

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Want to make it seem like you slaved away in the kitchen…

when in reality you took a nap, got a pedi, and had time to check everyone’s Instagram stories?

primal kitchen dressing eliz

You can with the salad dressings/marinades from Primal Kitchen Foods.

These are my secret weapon in the kitchen, for food that tastes great without a ton of work.

And I love the squeaky clean ingredients list…they are free of dairy, soy, canola, gluten and sugar.  Made from just real food ingredients.  As if you were making your own salad dressing from scratch.  Except you don’t actually have to.  Avocado oil is the main ingredient, which is loaded with beneficial fats for healthy skin.

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I’ve always had a thing for mermaids…

I mean, how cool would it be to live in some underwater fantasy world?  Totally love mermaid colors and the whole vibe.

So maybe that explains why I’m so into seaweed.

Seaweed is rich in essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, iodine, zinc, copper and selenium.  Many of them are important for healthy skin.  Zinc and selenium are both helpful for keeping skin clear, and copper helps it stay firm.

I love seaweed salad and spicy tuna hand rolls.  But my favorite way to eat seaweed is Seasnax. 

seasnax eliz

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