Halloween doesn’t have to be scary!

I’m not talking about haunted hayrides, scary movies, or the crazy displays in those seasonal Halloween shops that pop up in strip malls each year.  I love that stuff! (Unless it involves clowns…then count me out.)

halloween eliz

I’m talking about the aisles full of Halloween candy in practically every store you go into this time of  year.

There is something so appealing about fun size candy bars in seasonal packaging.  You buy some for the trick or treaters, or to put in that cute jar on your kitchen counter, and end up eating half of them yourself.  And feeling like crap.

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This wasn’t what I planned on making…

salmon Caesar eliz

it was even better!

See, I had a bottle of Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil Caesar dressing on hand.

With the unseasonably warm weather we had been having, a salmon Caesar salad sounded like a great idea.

But by the time I got around to buying the salmon, it was suddenly 55 degrees and rainy.  In 24 hours, I went from wearing a tank top and cut offs to pleather and boots.  And driving around with the top down blasting Liam Payne to blasting the heated seats. (Still listening to Liam Payne…no reason to mess with that.)

And I wanted a hot meal.  Here’s what I used: Continue reading

lemon water + collagen coffee + green drink =

happy, healthy and hot all day!

3 drinks eliz

Seriously, the way you start your day is so important.  I always feel the more good stuff I can pack in right away, the better.  (This doesn’t just pertain to nutrition…a quick workout and some positive thoughts are important too!)

So that’s why I start my day with these three drinks.

Now I realize this sounds like a lot of liquid.  But you don’t need to chug it all at once.  Here’s what I do… Continue reading

Tropical treat from Target

Because I love alliteration.  And Target.

Seriously, where else can you buy dog toys, a bikini and a cute pair of pleather leggings all at the same time?  I have actually done this.

And while I love supporting local farmers whenever I can, you can find some pretty healthy stuff at Target.

Their frozen Alaskan sockeye salmon is amazing.  And super reasonable.

I have no problem with their grass fed ground beef.  And I love that they carry my fave Kerrygold butter,  Which will totally spoil you for any other butter.

So let me tell you about my latest little treat from Target…

Tropical smoothie eliz

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My latest Thrive haul…

has a little bit of everything.

thrive box eliz 3

And that’s what I love about Thrive Market.  They have an amazing selection.

Think Whole Foods quality items.  At Costco discount prices.  Delivered right to your door.

Love online shopping…I don’t even need to put on pants!  Plus it saves time for fun things like a quick ass and abs workout with some fun music, or meeting a friend for coffee (or wine) and laughing your ass off.  Or driving with the top down on a gorgeous day.  Which I am about to do as soon as I finish this post.

Shopping at Thrive can save you 25-50%.  And if you join with me, you can save an additional 25% off your first purchase.  Which adds up to some serious savings.

Thrive Market  save an additional 25% off your first purchase

So what was in my latest box?

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This chocolate cherry shake…

is pretty much the best thing ever.

chocolate cherry eliz

Next to coffee.  And my cute white convertible.  And of course “Friends” by Justin Bieber.  Which might be his best song ever.

So this shake tastes like a chocolate covered cherry.  With a little hint of coconut.  But it’s loaded with protein and healthy fats for gorgeous skin and a hot body.  

And there’s only three ingredients, because why complicate things?  Here’s what I used… Continue reading