I’ve always been a little intimidated…

by butternut squash.  And acorn squash.  And all those cute winter squashes that start showing up this time of year.

butternut eliz

Because it’s a nightmare to cut them up.  The skin is so hard I’m afraid I’ll lose a finger.

So I tend to just avoid them.

But recently a butternut squash showed up on my doorstep (thanks Mom!)  And the nights have been getting colder.  Suddenly butternut squash soup started sounding pretty good.  Here’s what I used: Continue reading


Three ways collagen peptides can give you a better body

I usually go for catchier titles for my posts.  Today I’m just being direct and to the point.  Because I think we all want our bodies to be the best they can be.

three ways

I’ve been raving about what collagen peptides do for your skin since I first started hhh.  They can also strengthen your hair and nails.  But today I’m going to tell you how amazing they are for your body.

Ready? Continue reading

I feel like I’m cheating…

on my collagen peptides.

further food eliz
meet my new friend….

If you’ve been following me for more than a day, you know that I am pretty much in love with collagen peptides.  Taking them on a daily basis has improved my skin tremendously…it is firmer now, at the age of 51, than it was ten years ago.

Collagen also strengthens hair and nails.  By increasing elasticity and thickness of your skin, it can even improve cellulite and acne scars.

It’s also great for your bones and connective tissues, and can speed recovery from injuries.

Completely love this stuff.  So how am I cheating? Continue reading

Mornings are for coffee and quick workouts…

 not for complicated skincare routines.

annmarie aa eliz
First coffee, then workout!

I’ve had a lot of questions about skincare lately, so I’ll share my simple morning routine with you here.  My evening routine will be in a separate post.  Because I like to keep things short and sweet.

But I want to start by reminding you that healthy, glowing skin starts inside, with what you are putting into your body.  And then you can make it even better by using the right products.

On the busiest of mornings, I do two things…. Continue reading

Here’s another meal I threw together…

after a day at the pool.  Because there’s no reason you can’t have a fun day and still have time to make a happy, healthy and hot meal.

This was so easy…I just dumped a bunch of stuff in a bowl, seasoned it, spread it onto a big baking pan, and popped it in the oven.

The only time consuming part was cutting the veggies, but I find it kind of relaxing.  Just put on some good music and go to town.  I’m totally into “Feels” by Calvin Harris, Pharrell, Katy Perry and Big Sean.  And “Get Low” by Liam Payne and Zedd.  I love how the boys from 1D sound a little naughty now that they’ve gone solo.

chicken and veggies eliz

Here’s what I used: Continue reading

“Pour Some Sugar on Me…”

My musical references are usually much more current.  But in this case a flashback to the ’80s seemed appropriate.  Nothing like a little Def Leppard.

pour some sugar on me

Sugar cravings are a common problem.  So I want to share some tricks to help keep them at bay.

Now, I could list dozens of reasons why you should avoid sugar.  But I’m going tell you the one that really works for me:

Sugar gives you wrinkles.

Boom.  Drop the mic. Continue reading