vanilla + raspberry + collagen =

pretty much my favorite shake ever!

I am crazy for all berries, but especially raspberries.

And since they’re in season right now, I’ve been looking for ways to use them.  Besides just eating them straight out of the container, the second I rinse them off.

So here’s a simple shake recipe that I know you’ll love.  This could be breakfast or an afternoon pick me up.  Even dessert.  Your call.

Here’s what I used:

raspberry vanilla shake 2

Raspberries are my favorite summer fruit (blueberries and cherries are up there too) Raspberries have been shown in animal studies to protect against some forms of cancer.  They are a great source of vitamin C and copper, both of which are essential for healthy skin.  Berries are one of my super skin foods…if you’d like to know the others, I’ll send you a PDF:  Super Skin Foods

Vanilla Coconut Collagen Fuel from Primal Kitchen is my pick when it comes to protein shakes.  I don’t do shakes on a daily basis, but when I make one this is my go-to.  Not only are the ingredients super clean, it tastes great.  The protein comes from collagen, which is so amazing for your skin, hair and nails.  Personally, I have noticed the biggest difference in my skin since adding collagen to my diet on a daily basis.  It is firmer now than it was ten years ago.  Not complaining!

I used almond milk for the liquid because that’s what I found at Target when I had the inspo to make this.  Just keeping things real here.  I prefer macadamia milk.  Whatever you have is fine.  I always look for the ones with no added sugar.

raspberry vanilla shake 1
bonus points if your tank top matches your shake!

So this couldn’t be easier…

happy, healthy and hot raspberry vanilla shake

one cup non-dairy milk of your choice

one cup fresh or frozen raspberries (frozen will give a thicker consistency)

two scoops Primal Kitchen Vanilla Coconut Collagen Fuel

Dump everything in the blender.  Blend until combined.  Enjoy!

Can my raspberry vanilla shake help you feel happy, healthy and hot?  Hell yeah!

You’ll be happy enjoying a delicious and satisfying shake.  The ingredients are totally healthy, and support gorgeous skin, hair and nails.  Eating this way can help you maintain your ideal weight as well.  With that beautiful body, glowing skin and pretty hair and nails, you’ll be hot for sure!


Primal Kitchen Collagen Fuel

Super Skin Foods PDF


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