Here is the perfect summer lunch…

You’re welcome!

Seriously, this is soooo good.  Loaded with healthy fats, antioxidants and collagen for gorgeous glowing skin.  It’s low in carbs and fits in great with a primal, paleo and even keto eating plan.  Sub veggie broth for the bone broth and it’s vegan.  Makes everyone happy.

Oh, and it takes like two minutes to make.  Which leaves more time for fun.  Like sitting by the pool in that cute bikini listening to music.  Or whatever else you’re into.

I’m talking about the summer soup that I just made.  And had to share because it’s that crazy good.

Here’s what I used:

summer soup eliz

Avocado gives the soup a rich, creamy taste without any dairy.  It also provides healthy fats, a nice dose of fiber, and copper which is great for your skin.  Including avocado in a meal actually helps your body absorb the nutrients from the other produce.  I was eating avocados long before they were hip…thanks Mom!

Cucumber adds a fresh, summery taste.  Buy organic if possible so you can leave the skin on, which is loaded with silica…awesome for your skin, hair and nails.

Watercress provides a peppery kick, along with tons of vitamin K, and plenty of vitamin C and phytonutrients.  Watercress is something else I’ve been eating since I was a kid…it grew in the stream on my grandmother’s farm, and we used it in sandwiches with Philadelphia cream cheese.  Which were really good!

Bone broth adds a savory flavor to this soup.  It’s also an amazing source of collagen, along with many essential minerals.  Please don’t use the crappy broth that you find on most grocer’s shelves…you are not getting the benefits, and so many times there is MSG added.

You can totally make your own broth from pastured chicken bones, which I do from time to time.  Lately I’ve been using Kettle & Fire, which tastes even better than homemade and has all the benefits.  (Discount code below!)

Pink Himalayan salt is the only seasoning I used.  The fresh flavors of all the veggies really didn’t need anything else.

summer soup

So basically you just throw all that shit in the blender…but to make it more official here’s a recipe:

happy, healthy and hot summer soup

makes one large serving….feel free to double, quadruple, whatever

one ripe avocado, peeled and quartered

one half of a cucumber, coarsely chopped (leave the skin on if it’s organic)

handful of watercress

one cup chicken bone broth (I love Kettle & Fire brand)

pink Himalayan salt to taste

Really, just dump it all in the blender and blend.  I have a Vitamix that is crazy powerful, so I blend at a lower speed, because I like it a little chunky.  This soup is meant to be served cold, so you could chill it for a bit before serving.  I was too impatient.

Can this summer soup help you feel happy, healthy and hot?  Oh yeah!

You will be happy with such a delicious and easy lunch.  The ingredients are incredibly healthy.  A meal like this can help you maintain a healthy weight and will give you glowing skin…very hot!


Kettle & Fire Bone Broth  use my code “HAPPYHEALTHYANDHOT15” for 15% off!





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