I don’t know why it took me so long…

to open up this bottle of Primal Kitchen Ranch Dressing.


Everyone I know who has tried it has been raving about it.  And I love the Primal Kitchen Honey Mustard and Greek dressings.

But I’ve never been a huge fan of ranch dressing.  So it’s been sitting, untouched, in my pantry.  Until today.  And all I can say is…

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If you want to get up at the crack of dawn on Black Friday and stand in line at the mall…

be my guest!

I will be sitting at home, sipping some delicious coffee (blended with Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides to keep my skin, hair and nails healthy) and listening to my favorite holiday tunes from the ’80s, while doing my shopping online.

Actually, that’s what I’m doing right now!


100% Pure, an organic personal care and cosmetics company, is starting their Black Friday specials early this year.

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Pimped Guacamole…

is what caught my attention.  I mean, don’t we all want to pimp up our guac?

The Paleo Primer:  A Second Helping is loaded with recipes like Pimped Guac.  Quick, easy, amazing for you, and with fun, catchy names.  I was hooked the first time I paged through this new book from Primal Blueprint Publishing.

This book is a follow up to The Paleo Primer:  A Jump-Start Guide to Losing Body Fat and Living Primally, which I have not read (yet!)


Keris Marsden and Matt Whitmore, the authors, have a fresh, fun approach to healthy eating.  It doesn’t hurt that she is gorgeous and he is a totally hot.  And wearing a sleeveless shirt in most of the pics.

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Beet it

I’ve been a long time fan of Michael Jackson.  Mostly his older stuff.  And of beets.  Since I always have song lyrics going through my head (does anyone else have this problem?!) you can guess what comes to mind every time I am roasting beets.

Why should you be eating beets anyway?


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