I can’t stop eating…

this salad.  It is completely addictive, but in a good way.  Kind of like “Can’t Stop the Feeling” by JT…can’t get enough of that right now either.  Perfect summer song!

I would love to tell you this stuff came from local farmers, but the cherries and walnuts came from Target, arugula from the grocery store

But about the salad.  This is so easy and good.  You just have to try it.

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It’s the little things…

Like when the super cute nude platform dressy sandals are on clearance…in your size!  Or getting in the car and “Want You to Want Me” is the first song you hear.  Or finding the perfect non-dairy creamer that is healthy, delicious, and travels well.

Just so we’re perfectly clear, I am talking about Jason Derulo singing “Want You to Want Me.”  Not Cheap Trick.

Actually, for a coffee loving, dairy sensitive girl, the non-dairy creamer situation is a pretty big deal.

nut pods eliz

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So here’s the post on my skin care routine…

because as I told you a week or two ago, I like talking about skin care almost as much as I like talking about hot young musicians.  If you missed it, here’s that post (where I tell you the foods that have helped my skin):

People always ask me…

annmarie eliz

I will always believe that what you put in your body is the first step in having healthy skin.  But how you take care of your skin on the outside can make things even better.

Between acne and aging, I have tried every product under the sun.  Prescription products, high end brands from Sephora, drugstore brands, and some DIY.  My routine has evolved quite a bit over the years,   Here’s what is working for me: Continue reading

Do you cold brew?

I do!  I love all things coffee, and cold brew is no exception.  I think cold brew is better than most coffee, just like 5sos is better than most boy bands.  (If you don’t think so, go listen to “Jet Black Heart” and “Amnesia.”  Then get back to me!)

cold brew
Do I look like the Hamburglar in this tank?

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People always ask me…

what I use on my skin.  Which is totally cool.  Because I love talking about skincare products as much as I love talking about hot young musicians.

But here’s the thing…while I totally believe in using high quality skincare, what you feed your skin from the inside makes the biggest difference.

skin foods eliz

I cleared my skin of chronic cystic acne by cutting out dairy, grains and processed sugar.  It improved even more Continue reading