Exciting news and a quick review!

Let’s start with the exciting news!


Jenni Raincloud is a talented aesthetician who has created a beautiful lifestyle blog. Her focus is on natural beauty products, but she touches on many other topics including fashion and health.  And her makeup tutorials actually make sense!

Not only does Jenni give great reviews of natural beauty products you can buy, she shows you which ones you can make yourself.  She also has an Etsy shop for her own line of high quality, extremely natural products.  Her eye wrinkle stick is amazing!

I have followed Jenni for years and LOVE her!  So you can imagine how thrilled I was Continue reading


More tight shorts

A few weeks ago I wrote a post called My shorts are too tight and it has received more hits than anything else I have written.  (Cheap and easy was a close second.)

So I’m thinking that fitting into our shorts is a hot topic right now.  Or maybe I should just write about my ass more.

Either way, I wanted to pass on some more tips to help you fit into your shorts (or bikini, or romper…they’re really hot right now!) this summer.

shorts outside

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My latest toy…

in the kitchen is the  Nutribullet.


I’ve been singing the praises of my Vitamix for years.  It is a total workhorse and I love it.  But it was very expensive (over $500) and it takes up a lot of space.  Between my green drinks and coffee concoctions it gets heavy use.  I’ve also ground coffee beans, made nut butters, and even ice cream.  And eight years later it keeps on going.

But maybe you don’t need that kind of commitment from your blender.   Continue reading