Have a happy, healthy and hot New Year!


I’m sitting in my office (also known as Starbucks) thinking about the new year. I’m super excited for 2016 and I hope you are too.  Here’s what I won’t be doing… Continue reading


When you hear the words “Talk dirty to me”

what comes to mind?

A.  Jason Derulo’s hit song that was released in 2014

B.  Poison’s hit song from 1986

C.  I should really make sure the spinach in my smoothie is organic!

If you’re like me, the answer is all of the above.  Although I’ll take Jason Derulo over Bret Michaels any day.  (Sorry Jen!)

The musical references are pretty obvious.  Here’s why I think about spinach…

blueberry smoothie

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I get drawn in by the naughty names

of Urban Decay cosmetics.  The selection of colors is nice.  So is the promise of long wear.  But mostly it’s the names.  “All-nighter” make-up setting spray.  “Perversion” mascara.  A lip liner called “Catfight.”  Who could resist?


As I mentioned in my post Makeup confessions, I am extremely picky about what I put into my body.  And just as careful with my skincare.  You could literally eat everything I use to wash my face (coconut oil at night, raw honey in the morning).  And I rub that same coconut oil all over my body as a moisturizer.   Continue reading